IT Portfolio

The Sea Warrior Program's Information Technology (IT) portfolio supports the Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education (MPTE) domain and Distance Support infrastructure.

The PMW 240 portfolio is complex and comprises of a broad array of applications, databases and associated technologies that vary in age, functional baseline, and lifecycle phases. The portfolio comprises:

  • Product Lines that support Manpower Management, Personnel and Pay, Training and Education, Recruiting and Accessions, and Distance Support.
  • Development and Modernization initiatives that focus on adapting IT applications to support the Navy's 21st century operational requirements and evolving self-service business model.
  • Distance Support (DS) that provides Fleet forces with shipboard business IT solutions and "reach-back" assistance while afloat. DS combines people, processes, and technologies into a collaborative Fleet support infrastructure wtihout geographic boundaries.
  • Enterprise Data Management initatives that enable MPTE business applications to seamlessly share information, establish an enterprise-level Authoritative Data Environment, and meet mandates for information security, DoD HR IT standards, and federal directives.
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