• Three New Navy Training Apps Now Available
    Three mobile apps designed for Navy basic military training became available for public download, June 16.
  • Requests for Separations, Retirements Move to Online Process
    The transition to requesting retirement, including requests to transfer to the fleet Reserve and separations online, was announced June 8 in NAVADMIN 133/16.
  • Navy Pregnancy and Parenthood Mobile App Now Available
    Sailors who are starting or expanding their families now have a mobile app that will provide resources that will help them understand Navy's pregnancy and parenthood policies.
  • "New to the Navy" Mobile App Upgraded
    The "New to the Navy" mobile application is a one-stop resource for answers to many of the frequently asked pay and personnel questions Sailors may have, and now it's even better.
  • Upgrade to Navy COOL Mobile App Now Available
    The Navy Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL) app for mobile devices received a significant upgrade April 28 with the addition of advancement exam bibliographies (BIBs).
  • Two New GMT Mobile Apps Released
    Two new mobile apps designed for Sailors to complete required Navy General Military Training (GMT) on Records Management (RM) and Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Awareness became available April 19.
  • Navy Training Launches New Course, App for LifeSkills
    Naval Education and Training Command implemented a new four day LifeSkills course to address the Sailorization process and re-enforce everyday skills for Sailors beginning in April. Supplementing the class is a "Life Skills Reach Back" mobile app now available for download.
  • BBD is Here: What You Need to Know
    The Navy announced Jan. 28 that Billet Based Distribution (BBD) will be implemented February 2016 in NAVADMIN 016/16.
  • Navy COOL Mobile App Now Available
    Sailors can now access several tools and resources found on Navy Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL) via their mobile devices with a new Navy COOL application.





  • NeL Afloat Records More Than 200,000 Course Completions During FY12
    Naval Education and Training Command, announced Nov. 8, the Navy's Web-based training system, Navy e-Learning, set a record in Fiscal Year 2012 for the most course completions by afloat units.
  • NAVY 311: Your Single Entry Point for Service and Support
    The NAVY 311 call center operation is a single entry point into hundreds of help desks, call centers, and support organizations across the Navy. Ask any question, about any topic, anytime, from anywhere.
  • CMS-ID Upgrade to Support Sailors
    The Career Management System - Interactive Detailing (CMS-ID) update was released and incorporates 34 changes from Sailor, Command Career Counselor, and Command Representative feedback.
  • Navy e-Learning Improves Efficiency of Learning Content Delivery
    Sailors around the world - and around the clock - have come to depend on Navy e-Learning (NeL) to help advance their careers.  Navy e-Learning offers more than 7,500 courses and is one of the largest Web-based training systems today, operating ashore and on ships and submarines at sea.
  • Data-Centric Solutions are Changing Navy Recruiting
    Revolutionary mobile capability for recruiters on the go ... and much more.
    "NRS Modesto unleashed!" That was the reaction of Petty Officer Martin Benitz as he experienced the Navy's newest mobile recruiting capabilities.
  • Q&A with Laura Knight, PEO-EIS Sea Warrior Program Manager
    Can you describe what the Sea Warrior Program is? On a typical day how would Sailors use the systems that are supported by the Sea Warrior Program?
  • Career Development Boards Chart Course for Navy Career
    Ensuring commands conduct Career Development Boards (CDB) and document them in Career Information Management System (CIMS) is an important job of the career development team as CDBs become the backbone of a Sailor's career in setting goals and guiding educational courses.
  • CMS/ID CAC Login Makes Life Easier for Sailors
    An upgrade to Career Management System / Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID), the web-based program enlisted Sailors use to negotiate permanent change of station orders (PCS) has improved new Sailor access by simplifying log-in procedures, officials said Jan. 18.


  • Sailor Involvement Key in Negotiating Orders
    More than 16,000 Sailors up for orders will have an opportunity to apply for their next duty assignment during the Career Management System/Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID) active duty/full time support application phase Dec. 7-19.
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