Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS)
Global Combat Support Systems
Marine Corps
(GCSS-MC) (PMW 230)

GCSS-MC is the program office that manages the portfolio of systems supporting the logistics elements of command and control, joint logistics interoperability and secure access to and visibility of logistics data. Designed to operate within the Marine Corps technical infrastructure, the program incorporates a seamless logistics information system, integrating supply and maintenance functionality through a common user interface and relational data base.

GCSS-MC uses an enterprise resource planning solution – Oracle 11i eBusiness Suite software – and enables numerous organizational changes and redesigned supply and maintenance procedures. GSCC-MC provides the foundation for an energetic multi-year, multi-phased logistics modernization program that will dramatically enhance the model for warfighter support.



Replaces outdated legacy systems and provides Marine Air Ground Task Forces (MAGTF) and the supporting establishment with integrated, distributed, Web-based, off-the-shelf solutions.

Enables improved logistics chain effectiveness and efficiency and provides actionable combat support information.

Logistics Chain Management Block 1 is funded and on target to achieve an initial operating capability by the end of 1st quarter, Fiscal Year 2009.

Command and Control Support

Results in increased effectiveness of the force through enhanced friendly situational awareness and combat support system planning and decision making.

Open system design provides interoperability with MAGTF and joint and coalition command and control systems.

Procures and provides a cross-domain solution required for the passing of data from the NIPR to the SIPR network, and will connect with the tactical data network and communications systems.

PRIME INTEGRATOR: Oracle’s E-Business Suite and tools were acquired in August 2004 using a competitive source selection process managed by the Marine Corps Systems Command. During January 2006, the program elected to leverage its strategic partnership with Oracle to complete the LCM Block 1 solution utilizing the Oracle AIM methodology.


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