Naval Enterprise Networks (NEN)
About NEN

Established on Feb. 24, 2011, the Naval Enterprise Networks (NEN) Program Office (PMW 205) manages the acquisition life-cycle of the Department of the Navy’s (DON) enterprise-wide information technology (IT) networks. NEN’s portfolio includes the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), the OCONUS Navy Enterprise Network (ONE-Net) and the Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN).  NEN provides program management of the NMCI Continuity of Services Contract (CoSC), while continuing to develop the acquisition approach and transition strategy roadmap for NGEN’s successful implementation. NEN unifies the DON’s terrestrial networks and data management to improve capability and service while saving significant dollars by focusing efforts under one program office and one enterprise network construct.


  • Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI): Provides a shore-based enterprise network in the continental United States and Hawaii via a single integrated, secure information technology environment for reliable, stable information transfer
    • Standardizes network operations, data security, technical support and real-time communications across every level of the Navy and Marine Corps by establishing common hardware, software and operating systems
    • Provides increased productivity, greater interoperability and enhanced Information Assurance (IA) security
    • Represents about 70 percent of all DON IT operations and is second only to the Internet in size
    • Maintains services provided by HP, the current NMCI and ONE-Net service provider, under the NMCI CoSC ensuring the continuation of services beyond the end of the NMCI contract (Sept. 30, 2010)
  • OCONUS Navy Enterprise Network (ONE-Net): Evolved from the Base Level Infrastructure Information (BLII) Modernization Program in 2005, ONE-Net provides secure, seamless and global computer connectivity for the DON outside the continental US
    • Provides a fully integrated, interoperable and secure IT infrastructure that provides transport for voice, video, and data at bases and piers located OCONUS

    • Delivers critical network access and services – NIPRNet, SIPRNet, web/portal access and e-mail – to OCONUS Fleet and regional commanders and to subordinate commands

    • Conveys the foundation network capability required for effective command and control of warfighter and business missions by assuring the availability and protection of network services using an enterprise construct

  • Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN): Represents the continuous evolution of the DON’s enterprise networks and will provide secure, net-centric data and services to Navy and Marine Corps personnel
    • will provide secure, net-centric data and services to Navy and Marine Corps personnel 

    • Establishes the acquisition roadmap for the DON’s command and control, and business operations enterprise network services for Navy and Marine Corps personnel

    • Builds on lessons learned from operating NMCI with the initial goals of maintaining continuity of services and information security, providing increased level of Government control and remaining within fiscal parameters

    • Models on Fortune 500 CIO best practices for information technology use with a segmented acquisition approach via competitive award of multiple contracts that will increase competition and flexibility to provide best value
      Provides the requisite IA enhancements to meet evolving security requirements

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