Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI)

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Administrative Modifications

The NMCI Contracts Library includes the conformed versions of the NMCI Contract and Attachments as well as the individual modifications.  There are two types of modifications: Procurement and Adminstrative.  Procurement mods (P-Mods) normally represent substantive changes to the requirements of the contract while Administrative mods (A-Mods) normally formalize agreements that are already within the scope of the contract.

Contract Award:

Issued: Dec 1999
Closed: Feb 2000
Date Awarded: 10/06/00

A00001  09/27/01 Government contract receivable address
A00002  09/27/01 Revised indenture trustee
A00003  06/24/02 NSIPS test environment capability demonstration
A00004  09/04/02 NSIPS development environment requirements
A00005   09/27/02 LAN drops for NAVRESNET
A00006  09/30/02 DON CIO electronic records managment
A00007  11/25/02 NSIPS production requirements
A00008  01/27/03 CNRF disaster recovery support
A00009  03/12/03 FISC Philadelphia emergent requirements 
A00010  03/18/03 MSC CLAN support
A00011  06/11/03 WYN NAVSEA VOIP Solution
A00012  04/17/03 Crystal Gateway Three Uninstall
A00013  04/29/03 MCB Quantico ATM to GigE conversion
A00014  06/02/03 NAVSEA realignment
A00015  06/13/03 Reconfigure LAN drops
A00016  06/30/03 Data circuit for CNRF disaster recovery
A00017  08/05/03 USMC East Coast Lab Extension Support
A00018  07/15/03 Assessment of USMC network infrastructure
A00019  07/18/03 DIMHRS D&I Environment
A00020  08/22/03 NSIPS COOP
A00021  09/16/03 Crystal Gateway Three Uninstall definitization
A00022  09/22/03 NSIPS data warehouse & test and development
A00023  09/22/03 Port Hueneme migration assessment of application hosting
A00024  09/22/03 Third Fleet Move to Point Loma
A00025  09/26/03 OWA e-Learning implementation and support 
A00026  09/26/03 FISC Phila emergent requirements definitization
A00027   10/01/03 Command UIC Listing
P00028  10/01/03  Command UIC Listing 

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