SSC Pacific
MIO UGV Specifications


Some key specifications include:

  • Small size, fits in a cargo pocket or MOLLE-pouch or can be clipped onto a MOLLE vest.
  • Lightweight (approximately 1.5 Kg).
  • Good traction and mobility on dirty ship decks and gratings.
  • Can survive a 5m drop onto a steel deck.
  • Robot is waterproof (IP67), control unit is splash-proof (IP64).
  • Attachment points for rope (to be lowered into waterfilled compartments and easily retrieved).
  • Attachment for a telescopic pole, to be used as a remote camera to view around corners or through small gaps.
  • Simple OCU that allows operation with tactical gloves.
  • Internal antennas, no protrusions that can get caught.
  • Bandolier-style strap for OCU (no neck strap), to prevent the strap from being used to choke the operator in hand combat.
  • Robust communication against jamming.
  • OCU can communicate with two robots at the same time. The robot not currently under control provides motion detection and notification to OCU. (Thus one robot can be used as a stand-alone video motion sensor at a critical junction or covering the exit while the second robot is directly controlled in┬áthe tactical operation.) The operator can switch control between the two robots.
  • Positive buoyancy and ability to drive on the water surface.
  • Strobe distractor and locating aid. A very bright LED can be used to temporarily blind the hostile force in a dark compartment. It can also be commanded to blink at lower intensity as a locating aid to allow the robot to be retrieved in the dark after a mission.
  • Video and audio sensors.
  • Picatinny rail and power/IO port for additional add-on sensors.
  • Minimum operational duration of one hour (constant driving). Field rechargeable with standard military batteries.

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