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Mobile Detection Assessment Response System (MDARS) II

The Mobile Detection Assessment Response system (MDARS) Increment II project was established to best fit the modernization of Force Protection (FP) mission priorities, the expanding scope of the FP mission set for MDARS, and the evolution and advancement of technology and capabilities. MDARS II is an information technology (IT)-centric effort that will focus on a suite of software and hardware components capable of transforming commercial and military vehicles from manual operation to an autonomous unmanned system. It will allow technology to meet the standards of the ever-evolving FP missions. This is being accomplished with four main goals:

  • Modify the focus of the MDARS IT architecture to maximize functionality on the platform (autonomous platform behaviors, terrain management, and increased on-board data fusion and information management for task automation) in addition to enhancing autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance, an increase in platform operational speed, a standard platform sensor “kit” that enables these capabilities & functions, and supporting a modular “plug & play” payload capability.
  • Provide a command and control architecture capable of integration with a variety of payloads and interoperable with existing and future Force Protection systems, and a data link that provides the range, bandwidth, security, and flexibility to support the expanded mission set.
  • Create a platform-agnostic design architecture effectively allowing integration on any actuator equipped/adaptable military/commercial automotive platform acceptable for the required mission set.
  • Provide a Force Protection suite of payloads that upgrades detection & assessment capability from MDARS Increment I to include: detection on the move and less lethal response capabilities to support fixed, semi-fixed, and expeditionary facilities and environments in the detect, assess, defend, warn & recover paradigm.
The 2012 MDARS II prototype
The 2012 Mobile Detection Assessment Response System II prototype.
The 2013 MDARS II production system
The 2013 Mobile Detection Assessment Response System II production system.
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