SSC Pacific
Counter Tunnel Objectives


The Counter Tunnel System has the following objectives:

  • deploy and retrieve through a 20 cm. borehole into tunnels 3 – 30 m. in depth
  • transit up to 800 m. roundtrip
  • traverse two horizontal 45 degree turns
  • climb a 30 cm. vertical discontinuity (i.e., a step)
  • traverse a 30 cm. gap or crevice
  • operate over varied and rough terrain including mud, loose gravel, areas of limited tractions, and up to 20 cm. of standing water
  • autonomously explore, localize, and map the tunnel
  • return to entry upon lost communications or low battery
  • localize the entry within 1 m. of accuracy
  • generate 3D model of the tunnel environment for characterization, measurement, and analysis

Counter Tunnel Robot

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