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Counter Tunnel Autonomy


Counter Tunnel Robot The Counter Tunnel System has many intricate parts and functions. The first is the Borehole Deployment Apparatus that protects the robots during borehole transit, provides power and communications, and provides the initial pose for mapping. Next, the robots have multiple sensors including a spinning 2D lidar sensor that provides 3D coverage, stereo cameras, and inertial sensors. Finally, the robots also use visual odometry, inertial sensors, and registered liar point clouds to provide themselves with a relative localization to geo-referenced surface ingress points. All of these capabilities allow for the robot to have a wide range of autonomous behavior capabilities. The robot can retrotraverse, or return to the entry point, after losing communication or after encountering a low battery condition. Additionally, while exploring the tunnel, the robots use waypoint navigation, obstacle detection/obstacle avoidance (OD/OA), and teleoperation (with optional OD/OA).

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