SSC Pacific
Our Culture
SSC Pacific likes to foster the innovative thinking that recent college graduates bring to the workforce. New professionals are treated as valuable resources whose input is immediately respected in the team.

A career at SSC Pacific is a commitment to staying on top of technological changes and lifelong learning. Money is budgeted every year for training, and employees often attend conferences and job-related training as part of their regular duties. The New Professional program provides their own training program specifically for new hires. In addition, funding is available to pursue higher degrees.

SSC Pacific recognizes the benefit of a relaxed yet professional work environment. This is manifested by a flexible work schedule including every other Friday off and flexible work hours. Additionally, SSC Pacific has a comfortable yet professional dress code reflective of the San Diego lifestyle.

The SSC Pacific influence extends worldwide, as many employees have the opportunity to experience the world. We have installations of our products worldwide, afloat and ashore. From Australia to Uzbekistan, if you can think of a country, we probably have been there. Opportunities often arise for temporary duty assignments to foreign locales.
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