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There are 10 nationally observed holidays per year. Holiday pay is granted for holidays whether they fall within the workweek or on a weekend.

Annual Leave — Vacation
Vacation, or annual leave, accrues on the basis of length of federal service (civilian or civilian plus creditable military service).

0 to 3 years service = 4 hours per pay period (104 hours per year) (Pay period is 2 weeks)
3 to 15 years service = 6 hours per pay period (160 hours per year)
Over 15 years service = 8 hours per pay period (208 hours per year)

Sick Leave
Sick leave accrues at the rate of four hours per pay period (104 hours per year); may be accumulated without limitation; and may also be used for medical or dental appointments. The Family Friendly Leave Act allows sick leave to take care of ill family members and to take them to physicians and for the birth or adoption of children. (NOTE: federal employees are not eligible for benefits under the state of California Disability Program.)

Health Insurance
Several group plans are available. Premiums are paid through payroll-deduction and the government shares part of the cost. Rates vary according to the plan selected. For more information, visit the Federal Employees Health Benefits website at

Group Life Insurance
The employee and the government share the cost of basic group life insurance if elected by the employee. Employees pay all optional insurance costs, depending on employee age and amount of coverage. See

Retirement Coverage
The Federal Employees Retirement System consists of three elements: a basic benefit (pension) plan, Social Security benefits,and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). Employees pay full Social Security taxes and contribute a small amount to the pension plan. Employees can make tax-deferred contributions to TSP, and the government will match up to 5 percent. See the TSP Website at for more information.

Work Schedule
SSC Pacific ’s nonstandard two-week work schedule is called "5/4/9." Every other week has a three-day weekend. Hours for Monday through Thursday are 7:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. (9 hours with 1/2 hour lunch). Friday (payday) hours are 7:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. The following Friday the center is closed.

Training and Educational Opportunities
Training and development opportunities are available and encouraged for all employees. Opportunities include after-hours study in job-related scientific and engineering areas. Employees may receive tuition assistance and / or enrollment expenses for courses at accredited colleges and universities. Employees may also attend job-related short courses and conferences during normal working hours.

Entry salaries are adjusted yearly with cost of living and local market supplement  adjustments. See the table below for each position to find the entry salary in San Diego for 2013.

Most current salary data available
* GPA of 2.95 - 2.99 is rounded to 3.0
** San Diego duty station; LMS for Charleston is 13.86 percent


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