About Us

The Command and Control Fleet Engineering Division is committed to transition technology into capability, and to provide Fleet Engineering Solutions to the war fighters in the area of platform engineering, systems integration, in-service engineering, fleet engineering, software support, integrated logistics support and installation support for various surveillance and command & control systems.

Core Competencies

In-service Engineering

  • Engineering Changes
  • COTS & GOTS Integration
  • SSA (Software Support Activity)
  • ILS & CM
  • IV & V
  • PITCO & Install
  • Training
  • Fleet Assists and Distance Support
  • Battle Group Operations and Flt Support
  • Fleet Engineering Solutions

  • Enterprise Web Solutions
  • Systems Engineering (Architecture & Requirements)
  • Testing & Evaluation
  • Operational Assessments
  • Knowledge Center
  • Systems Platform Engineering
  • AT/FP C2 Software Solutions
  • Surveillance System Design and Integration
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