Strategic Network Communications (4132)

The 4132 Strategic Network Systems Branch provides a full range of system engineering and installation services. Our highly trained and experienced staff of electronic and computer engineers and technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in the areas of data and audio communications as well as communications security. Services we provide encompass all aspects of system design and project management for:

  • Requirements Definition
  • Network Design
  • User Migration
  • Tradeoff Studies
  • Product Evaluation
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Installation Design
  • Procurement
  • Configuration Management (CM)
  • System Integration and Testing
  • IV&V
  • Contracts Management
  • Installation
  • System Test
  • Documentation
  • Emphasis is placed on implementing state-of-the-art technology in the design of Information Technology (IT) and communications systems involving application of the latest networking, remote control, and automation technologies. Systems designed and installed by our staff include:

    • Enterprise/LAN/MAN/WAN Computer Networks
    • Enterprise Management Systems (EMS)
    • Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
    • Information Infrastructure (Outside and Inside Cable Plants)
    • Fiber Optic Systems
    • Wireless Data Communications
    • Automated and Manual Patching and Testing Systems
    • Remote Control and Monitoring Systems
    • Video Conference, Distribution, and Display
    • Secure and Non-Secure Communications Systems
    • Computer Network Defense/Intrusion Detection System
    • Access Control Systems
    • Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Networks

    Networking planning includes identification of facilities preparation requirements for computer rooms, equipment closets, cable conduits and trays, grounding, physical security, and protected distribution systems. Our engineers coordinate with building contractors to ensure that requirements for potential communications, security, and remote monitoring systems are considered to avoid costly building modifications later on.

    4132 is involved in implementation of various communication systems in support of Information Technology for the 21st Century (IT-21).

    4132 Staff supports system design, integration, and implementation of the Navy's Base Level Information Infrastructure (BLII) and Navy OCONUS Network (ONE NET). The BLII concept extends the Defense Information Infrastructure (DII) concept to the Navy base level, and is derived from the DII Master Plan. BLII incorporates the Joint Chiefs of Staff "C4I for the Warrior (C4IFTW)" and IT-21 objectives of providing a seamless, secure, and interoperable global C4I network for the warrior. Implementation of BLII will result in establishment of a reliable, redundant, and survivable distribution system designed to provide the utmost in communication flexibility and expandability.

    4132's Transport Test and Integration Center (TTIC) support network integration testing, CM, and IV&V efforts leveraging from SSC SD resources (personnel/laboratories/infrastructure) in support of C4ISR afloat and ashore systems.

    4132 Support ONE NET User Migration efforts in the Middle, Far East and Europe Regions.

    4132 Staff manages a communication programs key to the development of the emerging Joint Maritime Communications Strategy (JMCOMS). 4132 also manages legacy systems that have not yet transitioned to JMCOMS.

    4132 offers a full range of engineering and technical services in support of shore based High Frequency (HF) systems. Specifically, 4132 is the In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA) for the High Power HF Transmitters. As the ISEA, 4132 provides:

    • On-Call Technical Assistance
    • On-the-Air Troubleshooting, Testing, and Link Assessment
    • System Analysis, Design, and Engineering
    • Installation Services Worldwide (Prototype, EDM and Production Shipboard and Shore Based Equipment)

    For Immediate Response to your requirements:
    4132 Branch Head - Strategic Network Systems
    DSN: 524-3602
    Comm: (619) 524-3602
    FAX: (619) 524-3560
    Email: 4132 Branch Head


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