Super High Frequency

The Super High Frequency Satellite Communications Branch provides a full range of engineering, management and logistic services in support of the SHF and Commercial SATCOM programs for the Navy. The Navy SHF terminal capability is integral to tri-service operations with the Army and Air Force in tactical and strategic communications. Commercial SATCOM augments military SATCOM capabilities.

As the In-Service Engineering Agent for SHF and Commercial SATCOM systems, 4121 engineers and technicians routinely initiate and implement innovative solutions that are vital to maintaining and developing efficient and effective naval communications systems.

Special Capabilities and Services

  • System engineering
  • System integration
  • System design
  • In-service engineering agent for:
    • Navy SHF SATCOM AN/WSC-6(V),5,7,&9
    • Naval Global Broadcast Service
    • Commercial Wideband SATCOM Program 
    • Navy Television Direct-to-Sailor 
    • International Maritime Satellite 
  • Project management
  • Installation service
  • Field engineering service
  • Logistic support
  • Life cycle management

For Immediate Response to requirements:
4121 Branch Head - SHF SATCOM
Comm: (619) 524-3297
FAX: (619) 524-2607
Email: 4121 Branch Head

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