SSC Pacific
Ocean Systems
D74: Ocean Systems Division


To be the Navy's center of excellence for ocean systems and littoral surveillance and reconnaissance systems and technologies based upon our expertise in the following key areas:

  • Sensors, imaging, and visualization

  • Ocean search, work, and recovery systems

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Manned and unmanned systems

  • Maritime test and evaluation

  • Ocean engineering

Core Capabilities

Our core capabilities include:

  • Rapid prototyping of undersea systems

  • Ocean systems development and limited productions

  • Test and evaluation of components and systems in the laboratory and at sea (surveillance, missiles, unmanned vehicles)

  • Remote sensing

  • Target signature measurements: target and platform characterization at optical (visible and infrared frequencies)

  • Optical systems test and evaluation, test planning, integration, ocean truth, data analysis and signal processing

  • High performance computing and visualization

  • Instructional systems technology


  • Undersea Search and Reconnaissance: Advanced Unmanned Search System (AUSS) accoustic and electro-optic imaging search systems. Long Term Mine Reconnaissance System (LMRS) unmanned system for mine detection.

  • Underwater Communications: Acoustic Communication Links. Rapidly deployable, small diameter, fiber optic cables supporting underwater communications and data transmissions.

  • Underwater Surveillance: Advanced Deployable System (ADS) -- integrate acoustic sesores, develop deployment techniques, test cables and telemetry systems.

  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance: Offboard sensors and unmanned systems. UAV Maritime Integration -- evaluate the maritime and littoral application of UAVs using the San Clemente Island test facility and SSC San Diego's overarching communications background.

  • Ship Self-Defense: Infrared Search and Track (IRS&T) -- passive detection and tracking of low observable targets (missiles, aircraft).

  • Intelligence Collection: Choke Point Surveillance -- develop, test, and install high resolution electro-optical imaging systems. Directed Energy Warfare -- develop, calibrate, and test laser detection and analysis systems.

  • Non-Acoustic Anti-Submarine Warfare: Advanced Sensor Application Program -- develop advanced electro-optical active (LIDAR) and passive (hyperspectral) sensor capability.

  • Visualization/Virtual Environments (VE): Stereographic VEs for prefabrication design, geographic flyovers, predictive sensor/system coverages, virtual characters and scenarios. 3D sensor displays -- graphical modeling, animation, rendering, and composition. High quality video -- recording, editing, playback, and real-time texture-mapping on 3D objects.


Our facilities include the following:

  • Visualization, Image Processing, and Virtual Enviroment (VIPER) Laboratory

  • San Clemente Island

  • Transducer Evaluation Center (TRANSDEC)

  • USS Dolphin AGSS 555

  • Dive locker

  • Electro-optical test and development laboratories

  • Test platforms

D74 Contact Information

For more information, please contact the following:

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