SSC Pacific
Maritime Surveillance
D71: Maritime Surveillance Division


Deliver maritime surveillance sensor systems and technologies:

  • Deployable, fixed, mobile systems

  • Fleet introduction and operational testing

  • Sensor/processing technology

  • Signal and information processing

  • Sensor modeling and simulation

  • Concept development and evaluation

Core Capabilities

Our core capabilities include:

  • Surveillance system design and prototyping

  • Laboratory and field testing of components, subsystems, and systems: planning, integration, calibration, data acquisition, and analysis

  • Fleet introduction and test

  • Sensor design, modeling, and performance analysis

  • Signal and information processing

  • Environmental acoustics and risk assessment

  • Modeling and simulation

  • High-performance computing and visualization


  • Deployable and distributed surveillance

  • Mobile and fixed surveillance

  • Acoustic source technology

  • Active sonar processing and target classification

  • Marine environmental acoustics

  • Simulation-based prototyping and high performance computing


Our facilities include the following:

  • Array Fabrication and Test Facility

  • Transducer Development Laboratory

  • Isolated High Voltage Low Frequency Laboratory

  • Advanced Virtual Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (AdVISR) Laboratory

  • Multi-static Processing Laboratory

  • High Performance Computing (HPC) Facility

  • Acoustic Systems and Technology Analysis and Research (ASTAR) Laboratory

  • Situationally and Environmentally Adaptive Classification and Signal Processing (SEACLASP) Secure Processing Facilities

  • Surveillance with Non-Acoustic and Acoustic Processing (SNAP) Laboratory

  • Transducer Analysis Computer Laboratory (TACL)

D71 Contact Information

For more information, please contact the following:

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