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Doing Business with SSC San Diego

* Contract Teaming
* Joint Ventures
* Guidelines
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* Contract Teaming

Your premier source for RDT&E of emerging navigation technology is SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego, offering objective expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to complement your development team. Add our outstanding credentials to yours and strengthen your position in the competitive GPS/navigation marketplace. We will team with you, whether you are in the public or private sector, to help you find the right solutions in GPS development, platform integration, and planning for future system architecture changes (e.g., flight in national airspace, WAAS, LAAS, GPS modernization, verification and test). 


* Joint Ventures

We are pleased to partner with developers and evaluators for joint ventures in the following areas:

Speed to Marketplace. Evaluate your concepts and brassboards against the widest range of commercial and military scenarios imaginable.

Outsourcing. Save on capital investment: outsource your production acceptance and characterization testing to the staff and laboratory which qualifies the DoD bid samples and vendor equipment.

Benchmarking. Evaluate your commercial product against the existing military and civilian needs to examine your strengths and weaknesses for future sales.


* Guidelines

The following are guidelines to facilitate the process of doing business with SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego:

  • Please complete an Indemnity Agreement and SSC San Diego Certification.

    Download Indemnity Agreement - indem.doc - MS Word 6 document - 13 KB
    Download Certification - cert.doc - MS Word 6 document - 13 KB

  • After completion of price negotiations, mail a check made payable to DFAS San Diego together with the above forms to the following address:

    Commanding Officer
    Funds Processing, Code 02113
    Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego
    53560 Hull Street, Rm. 2621
    San Diego, CA 92152-5001

  • Fax a courtesy copy of the indemnity agreement, the certification, and the check to:

    Receiving Officer
    SSC San Diego Code 231
    Fax number: (619) 553-3498

  • If mailing the equipment for test, please mail the equipment to the following address:

    Receiving Officer
    GPS Division (Code 231), Bldg 128, Room 136
    Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego
    53560 Hull Street
    San Diego, CA 92152-5410

  • The testing schedule will be determined within two days after receipt of funds.
  • If you are going to hand-carry the equipment or are planning to visit our facility during the testing or at any other time, a visit request required. The procedure for submitting a visit request for the Point Loma Campus is detailed on the SPAWAR Visitor Information page.
  • We look forward to doing business with you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Phone: (619) 553-6616

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