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Modeling & IT

Modeling & Information Technology 

The Modeling & Information Technology Team provides technical expertise using information management as a platform for science based programs. Our expertise in database management, web development, and geographic information systems (GIS) provides a broad base for developing innovative solutions to information management problems. By customizing database management, modeling, web development, and geographic information systems to suit our sponsors needs we are able to capture technology developments as they emerge.

The team also provides a range of technical expertise in the realm of modeling including Web-Based Simulation, hydrodynamic and numerical modeling. We are dedicated to the development of tools to enable faster, more effective decision-making, assessing environmental threats, facilitating compliance with environmental rules and regulations, maintaining environmental health, and enhancing research capabilities resulting in improved combat readiness and mission success.

Team capabilities include:

  • FORCEnet Technologies
  • Web Services
  • Scientific Data Management
  • Database Modeling, Development, and Design
  • Hydrodynamic Modeling
  • Web Development and Design
  • Real-time Data Acquisition
  • Geographic Information Systems


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