SSC Pacific

Compliance Team

The Compliance Team continues the primary mission of the Marine Enviromental Support Office (MESO) to provide scientific environmental protection compliance and planning assistance to the United States Navy warfighter. Its focus is to: (1) provide Navy commands with rapid access to marine scientists and information to answer compliance questions; (2) help resolve complex marine environmental problems including marine environmental quality assessment and data analysis and habitat protection; and (3) minimize the impact on Fleet operations of maintaining compliance with applicable local, state and Federal marine environmental regulations.

To accomplish this, the team draws upon the knowledge and experience of scientists with expertise in marine biology, toxicology, chemistry and geochemistry, ecological assessment, oceanography, environmental modeling and data management and analysis. The team is able to provide a range of services from regulation/policy reviews to conducting large-scale studies or risk assessments in support of compliance with National Environmental Policy Act requirements.

Team focus areas include:

  • Laboratory and field water and/or sediment quality studies
  • Facility and at-sea environmental planning
  • NPDES permits and monitoring programs
  • Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study sampling and analysis plans
  • Comprehensive environmental studies
  • Federal environmental laws and regulations
  • State environmental laws and regulations


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