Communications & Info. Systems

The Communications and Networks Department plans, manages and executes communication programs and projects in support of the Center missions and Defense Department requirements, as well as supporting composite programs with communication needs. This begins at the concept formulation stages and extends throughout fleet installation and operational support. It includes performing project analysis, hardware and software design, system engineering, system design and integration, test and evaluation, and technical management throughout the scope of the programs with which it is involved.

The department develops and executes an integrated basic, applied and advanced research and technology programs to support the technical infrastructure needed to provide quality products. It creates and fosters the organizational environment to ensure synergistic interactions within and between departments to provide and participate in integrated C4I system developments.

Code 55000 acts as the SSC Pacific point of contact for all types of communications needs. In support of specific, composite or integrated C4I systems, it provides communications leadership, technical expertise and consultation to SSC Pacific, other RDT&E activities, military offices, commands and operational forces.

In a nutshell:

  1. Delivers communications products
  2. Provides communications services
  3. Provides integrated C4I capability to meet critical military and civil needs
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