SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic (SSC LANT)
Outreach - STEM

Outreach Program Overview

The Goal of the SPAWAR Systems Center (SSC) Atlantic Outreach Program is to collaborate with academia, other government organizations, local businesses, and professional organizations to increase Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) interest and literacy in our communities; and to provide an adequate pipeline of STEM talent that will be required for the future.

Community Snapshot
SSC Atlantic is commissioned for operation in Charleston, SC, Hampton Roads, VA, and New Orleans, LA.  SSC Atlantic works with the local school districts and institutions of higher education to implement programs and activities for K-12 students and teachers that will enrich their understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

SSC Atlantic is currently working with multiple school districts that service a diverse student population with school facilities including elementary, intermediate, middle, high, magnet, charter, and alternative schools.

SSC Atlantic Outreach Activities

Career Academies
Career Academies are schools within schools where students can enter a focused, career-based, field of study, similar to that of a college or university.  In these Academies, high school students work in a learning environment that reflects the atmosphere and expectations of a real-work workplace. 

Career Fairs
Mentors visit local K-12 schools to teach students about career opportunities in STEM.

Cyber Security
SSC Atlantic supports multiple Cyber Security events each year in an effort to promote STEM.  During these events, students have the opportunity to sharpen their skills and promote their learning of Cyber Security through hands-on activities.

To encourage students to learn and practice math, SSC Atlantic hosts and sponsors an annual DimensionU competition, where students from middle schools compete against each other in an interactive multiplayer video game that focuses on core skills in mathematics and literacy.

Girls Day Out
A STEM event geared towards encouraging the next generation of women to consider STEM careers through informative sessions, hands on activities, and a College and Business Expo. 

Internships and Apprenticeships
Provides opportunities for students to engage in hands on STEM experience through student work programs at SSC Atlantic.

Lunch Buddies
An Adult SSC Atlantic Lunch Buddy mentor is paired with a student at a local Middle School.  Lunch Buddies meet to have lunch once a month.

National Society of Black Engineers
NSBEs Mission is "To increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community."

Coaches and mentors are provided to schools to support FLL/FRC/JrFLL/Vex/SeaPerch teams for regional, state, and national championships.

School Tours
School Tours is a career exploration activity that allows participants an opportunity to see the relationship between their educational experience and career choices through tours of the SSC Atlantic Command.

Local Events and Festivals
Mentors promote STEM at local events and Festivals such as the annual Charleston, SC STEMFest, the Louisiana Regional Science Bowl, and the Norfolk Public Schools Science Fair.


STEM Activities:  Download STEM activities to do at home

  • Cyber Security

Making Secure Passwords

Cipher DiskCiphers

Cipher Disk

STEM Cipher Puzzle

Reading Cipher Puzzle

Halloween Cypher

  • Computer Science

Binary Pixel Art

   Tour/Career Fair Participation Request Form - Use this form to request a tour of SSC Atlantic facilities or to request SSC Atlantic to participate at your school career fair.

Educational Partners
Berkeley County School District
Charleston County School District
Dorchester County School District
Norfolk County School District
Portsmouth County School District
Virginia Beach County School District
Chesapeake County School District
Individual New Orleans School


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