MRAP Final Integration Ceremony
Mr. David Hansen

12/11/2012– JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, S.C. A celebration to commemorate the rapid acquisition, integration of electronics and delivery of more than 27,000 mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles sent to Iraq and Afghanistan was held by Joint Program Office (JPO) and Joint Program Executive Office (JPEO) at SPAWAR Systems Center (SSC) Atlantic Vehicle integration facility on the former Charleston Naval Base Monday, December 10th.

Congressional representatives, leadership from the Army and Marine Corps, Industry Partners and Community leaders were also in attendance.

Capt. Mark Glover welcomed the over 200 attendees and said "On behalf of former SSC Atlantic Commanding Officers Capt .Red Hoover, Capt .Bruce Urbon and myself, I would like to first thank all members of the SPAWAR and industry partner teams for the incredible achievement to design, prototype, test and integrate electronic systems into the vehicles." Glover added, "Thanks to the help of everyone from the leadership of the Joint Program Office, Congressional delegation, community leaders and the support of numerous other DOD agencies who all played significant roles in the success of this campaign."

Initially integrating five vehicles a day at the SPAWAR vehicle integration facility, the team ramped up to full-rate production of 50 vehicles per day by early December 2007. The integration team continued to meet the demand signal rate and completed the integration of as many as 75 MRAP vehicles in a single day.

During the ceremony, SSC Atlantic Executive Director Christopher Miller echoed the praise of the other speakers, "I am proud to be associated with this historical life-saving campaign. During the past five years, there have been many Congressional and senior defense and military officials visit SPAWAR; the first thing they want to see is the MRAP Vehicle integration facility and to thank the dedicated workers who have worked around the clock to make it happen. Many of our SPAWAR/Industry workforce are veterans; each one of them understands that every day when they come to work they are helping to save the lives of warfighters."

Paul Mann, Assistant Director, Land Warfare and Munitions, OUSD (Acquisition, Technology & Logistics) reminded the group what Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and current Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Carter stated, "The MRAP program was the first major defense acquisition program to go from concept to full-scale production in less than a year since World War II." Mann said, "This event today celebrates the key personnel and the diverse teams that made the perceived impossible possible; 27,000 MRAP Vehicles integrated and delivered. The skill, work ethic, passion, flexibility, determination and collaboration throughout the Enterprise will always be extraordinary. From the Joint Program Office and service stakeholders, vehicle and equipment manufacturers, the SPAWAR team, to the air and sea transportation teams - made the rapid fielding of MRAPs possible and absolutely saved lives. Everyone who ever encounters an MRAP will always wonder why they yearn to come to Charleston; now they know." As the former Joint Program Manager, Mann led the team responsible for procuring, fielding and sustaining MRAP vehicles.

As a leading edge Navy engineering center, SSC Atlantic is responsible for the prototyping, testing, integration, installation and quality assurance of all advanced command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems equipment for MRAPs and M-ATVs (All Terrain/Vehicles)

Following integration by SSC Atlantic, MRAPs and M-ATVs were shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan to aid the warfighters of all services during operations. The M-ATV serves small-unit combat operations in highly restricted rural, mountainous and urban environments that include mounted patrols, reconnaissance, security, convoy protection and communications.

The MRAP vehicle program has been a team effort involving all the services, Special Operations Command, vehicle manufacturers, the Defense Contracting Management Agency, industry partners, Army 841st Transportation Battalion, Military Sealift Command, 628th Air Base Wing, 437th and 315th Airlift Wings, Army Sustainment Logistics Command, and Joint Base Charleston. Congressional, community support, Military Committees and numerous other agencies all pulled together for this life saving mission.

A new banner now hangs in the SPAWAR vehicle integration facility which reflects the more than 27,000 MRAP/MATV vehicles integrated. Everyone involved can take great pride in this modern day example of working together for a direct result to save the lives and limbs of the warfighters making sacrifices for the freedoms we enjoy.


SSC Atlantic

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