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Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group (NAVELSG) is a Navy Reserve command organized and staffed to provide a wide range of supply and transportation support critical for peacetime support, crisis response, humanitarian and combat service missions. NAVELSG consists of a full-time, selective reserve support staff and 5 Navy Expeditionary Logistics Regiments and 11 Cargo Handling Battalions (NCHBs).

NAVELSG supports numerous missions in Korea, Bahrain, Australia, Thailand, HaitiĀ and training missions at their Headquarters, Cheatham Annex, Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, Williamsburg, VA.

Navy Cargo Handling Battalions (NCHBs) are Navy Reserve Commissioned Units tasked with loading and off-loading all classes of cargo, except bulk petroleum. They are a Selective Reserve Advanced Base Functional Component (ABFC) unit of NAVELSG capable of worldwide deployment in its entirety or in specialized detachments. The NCHB is organized, trained and equipped to load and off-load Navy and Marine Corps cargo carried in maritime pre-positioning ships and merchant or container ships in all environments, operate an associated temporary ocean cargo terminal, load and off-load Navy and Marine Corps cargo carried in military controlled aircraft and operate an associated expeditionary air cargo terminal.