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Maritime Civil Affairs and Security Training (MCAST) Command mans, trains, equips and deploys Expeditionary Sailors worldwide to conduct Civil-Military Operations (CMO) and Security Force Assistance (SFA) training in the maritime environment, as directed, in support of the U.S. Navy's missions. 


The MCAST Command will prepare regionally aligned planners, teams, specialists, and trainers to be effective, flexible, and responsive in support of the Navy Component and Joint Task Force Commanders security cooperation plans.  Enhancing partner-nation capability and capacity is accomplished by deploying fully qualified individuals and teams, trained to support civilian to military operations and military to military training.  To support the Maritime Strategy and the Navy's core competencies of Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief and Maritime Security, MCAST Command will foster and sustain cooperative relationships across the Joint, Coalition, and Multinational spectrum to provide regional stability, prevent conflict and protect U.S. interests.