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Navy Individual Augmentee (IA) Deployment Cycle


The IA Deployment Cycle is broken into four categories so you can easily navigate through the four stages of an IA deployment.


1.   Pre-Deployment :  Contains all of the prerequisite information that all IA Sailors are required to complete before leaving their parent command or NOSC, including the Expeditionary Screening Checklist (Medical & Dental-NAVMED 1300/4 and Administrative - NAVPERS 1300/22) and pre-deployment NKO courses. Remember to thoroughly read BOTH SETS OF YOUR ORDERS as soon as you get them. Be Sure to contact your Command IA Coordinator (CIAC) if he/she has not already contacted you. Your CIAC plays a vital role to your successful deployment.

Every IA Sailor is strongly encouraged to let ECRC know where your family is during this tour and maintain up to date data in the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS) database.


2.  Man/Train/Equip :  This section has information about the Navy Mobilization and Processing Site (NMPS) that you will process through for readiness screening and uniform issue after leaving your parent command. GSA sailors will report to either NMPS Norfolk or NMPS San Diego. Ensure that you read the check-in procedures, billeting information and policies for the NMPS designated in your orders before you leave your current command. Each NMPS has specific guidelines and instructions that you will need to know and comply with. You will not receive your I-TDY orders, as well as valuable point of contact (POC) information. Do NOT report to NMPS early. Your report date is no later than 0730 of the day you start processing, or no earlier than the day prior (normally Sunday) for personnel coming from outside the local region. If you have questions about this, contact your NMPS or the ECRC Headquarters staff. NMPS links also contain direct point of contact information for your NMPS.

Your INCOUNUS training can last anywhere from three to forty weeks, depending on your mission. Some missions report directly from NMPS and do not go through NIACT. This link contains Navy IA specific information, including guidance, rules and procedures for the Army training sites where you will receive basic combat skills training.


3.  Boots on Ground :  Points of contact for your deployment locations can be found near the bottom of your TEMADD orders. Commander, Task Force-Individual Augmentee (CTF-IA) supports the IA Sailor with access to their Navy operational chain of command when deployed in the COMUSCENTCOM theatre under tactical control of the Commander on the ground. If they are not available, contact the ECRC Help Desk for assistance. Information about some of the countries you will be stationed in can be found here. The list of countries (and in some cases, actual facilities) is not all-inclusive. If your deployment locations is not listed here, please contact the ECRC Help Desk to be put in contact with a representative from your parent command.


4.  Re-Deployment/Demobilization :  Unless specifically noted in your orders, all personnel will go through the Warrior Transition Program (WTP) before you return to CONUS. Information about returning home and the process of turning in your gear and going through WTP can be found here. Most of your gear, including your weapons, will be turned in while at WTP. Be sure to complete all your post deployment medical requirements (PDHA/PDHRA) as required. Upon your return, make plans to attend a Returning Warrior Workshop (RWW) within your region.


Many of the questions that Sailors have about the IA Continuum can be answered in the Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


IA Resources & Links

Individual Augmentee (IA) Grams (NAVADMINs)

Navy IA Policy Guidance  


Important Contact Information

GSA questions: Contact the IA Helpdesk at ecrc.hq.fct@navy.mil

Family questions: Contact the IA Family Helpdesk at ecrc.fs.fct@navy.mil

Emergency Assistance : Staff Duty Officer - (757) 763-8640

Emergency Assistance : 24-Hour Toll-Free Family Hotline (877) 364-4302