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Inspection Resources

Board of Inspection and Survey 2600 Tarawa Court, Suite 250 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23459

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Access to Inspection Resources
Due to the sensitivity of our inspection checklists and references, they are not accessible via the public site.
Please reference R 271328Z JAN 17"ACCESS TO THE BOARD OF INSPECTION AND SURVEY'S (INSURV) INSPECTION PREPARATION PORTAL HAS CHANGED" for information on how to access the site.
If your command is not in possession of this message, please contact our Web Master.
Please note, the new inspection site is protected by CAC and requires that you request a portal account.
There are additional steps for those folks that are considered to be a are additional steps for those folks that are considered to be a "Dual Persona".  "Dual Persona" is when a member has 2 roles (i.e. Reservist and Contractor, Reservist and Civilian, Retired Military and now a Contractor or Civilian, etc.). This creates two or more personas in the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) database. As part of DISA’s implementation of DoD Enterprise Portal Service (DEPS), there is a requirement for users with Dual Personas to activate the personal identity verification authentication certificate (PIV Auth Cert) on each of their CACs. There are also people who may have a “surprise” Dual Persona. This can happen when someone has transitioned from one DoD role to another (for instance, from being a contractor to becoming a civilian employee). There is a grace period that keeps the person’s old CAC recognized: if this overlaps with the new active role, a Dual Persona will be seen in the system. Our site is affected by dual personas. Once activated, the PIV Auth Cert will then be used during login to our portal. IT HAS NO AFFECT ON ANY OTHER SITE UNLESS IT ALSO RESIDES ON THE DEPS SYSTEM. 
The most common indicator that a user may be dual persona is if he or she receives an "F5 Access Policy Module" error page with a session ID number when accessing our portal after selecting their Email Certificate.
Once you have gained access if you experience the "F5" error please contact our Web Master who will provide you with the instructions for activiating your PIV cert.