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All visitors to Fleet Numerical Monterey (except official visitors representing foreign governments) must submit a Visit Request Form at least 3 days prior to their visit.


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We are not located at the Naval Postgraduate School (a common mistake).  While security measures prevent us from publishing a map to Fleet Numerical, you can contact us at 831-656-4451, and we'd be happy to give you directions or fax you a map.  Depending upon the threat level, you may find the main gate closed when you arrive.  If that is the case, there is a phone available so you can ring the gate guard to open the gate.

If your name is on the visitor list for that day (see Visit Request above), the gate guard will allow you to enter the compound and can direct you to parking. Drivers of rental cars must present their current rental agreements to gain entry.  Visitors are normally required to check-in with the security receptionist in the lobby of Building 702 (on your immediate left as you enter the main gate).  For some meetings, visitors may be asked to check-in directly to Building 704 (directly in front of you as you enter the main gate).





"PUBLIC access to FNMOC products is provided as a courtesy and as such, is not supported 24/7 and may be subject to periods of unavailability."

Toll Free 1-866-4WX-NAVY (1-866-499-6289)