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Housing (N9)


 Housing (N9)

Bachelor Housing Information

Housing Director: 304-249-6306
Fax: 304-249-6307

The Admiral Boorda Bachelor Housing Facility is a 1+1 style building housing 95 Enlisted personnel. E4 and below personnel share a two-bedroom suite, each having their own private bedroom and walk in closet; and sharing a kitchenette and bathroom. E5 and above personnel enjoy a suite with a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Linens, bedspreads and 26” flat screen TV’s are supplied. No Bachelor Officer or Transient quarters are available. An advance call to the Housing Director or your assigned Sponsor with your travel plans will ensure your quarters are available for you upon your arrival. E5 and above personnel seeking off base housing will contact the Housing Director at 304-249-6306 for area rental and/or sale information.

Geographical bachelors are berthed according to availability. Any personnel wishing to report as a geo-bachelor should contact the Housing Director upon receipt of orders to confirm space is available. Geo-bachelor berthing is approved on a case by case basis. No more than 15% of the facility occupancy will be GB’s.

Parking is available within walking distance to the facility. The base dining facility is located on the first deck for breakfast and lunch.

Laundry facilities are available on the second and third deck. Wireless internet is available in the common spaces; residents may elect to pay for in-room high speed DSL and satellite TV services. There are two TV lounges located in the facility, as well as TV service in the second deck laundry.

Bicycle storage and resident storage (of small items) is available upon request.

The bachelor housing facility is centrally located on the Command within walking distance of the NEX/Commissary, pool, gym and fitness center, community center (where the evening meal is served), bowling alley, tennis courts and softball field.

Family Housing Information



Contact the Housing Director at (304) 249-6306 upon receipt of orders to obtain current information concerning on or off base housing and sales in the area.

Family housing on base has been privatized since August 2005 and is managed and maintained by Lincoln Military Housing. The housing area consists of 80 two, three and four bedroom housing units. Limited private rental housing is available in Sugar Grove, Brandywine and Franklin. Housing is also available in Harrisonburg, VA approximately 40 miles away across Shenandoah Mountain. The Housing Welcome Center is available to discuss information about rentals available in the community.

Privatized base housing has a two pet limit. All pets must be declared upon acceptance of base housing. Housing regulations require all pets to have up-to-date shot records, including rabies. Shot records must be on file with the District Manager for base housing. (Many of the local landlords do not allow pets).

On base housing units are equipped with stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, range hood, garbage disposal, chest freezer and in some cases a built in microwave. Washer and dryer hookups are also available. All housing units have an additional exterior storage area, fenced yard and designated parking. Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) covers rent, landscaping of the front and side yard and shrub areas, reasonable utilities (Resident Energy Conservation Program, effective Octor 1, 2013) and all required maintenance in the home. Lending locker items are available through the Fleet and Family Service Center at 304-249-6519.

Priority on the housing wait list is determined by the date of detachment from your last duty station. All members submitting a housing application are encouraged to include a good contact phone number and email address. When submitting a housing application, a sex offender policy acknowledgement form is required as well.

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