Navy Information Operations Command San Diego was established July 27th , 2005 through the merger of Fleet Information Warfare Center Detachment San Diego and Naval Security Group Activity San Diego.


Fleet Information Warfare Center Detachment San Diego owes its lineage to the Beach Jumpers. The Beach Jumpers were the oldest practitioners of Naval Information Operations and served as the Navy's tactical cover and deception units. The concept for Beach Jumpers came about during World War II as a result of Lieutenant Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., the Hollywood actor turned Naval Officer, while assigned to duty with British Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten's Combined Operations (Commandos) in England .

Over the years, numerous realignments occurred including Fleet Deception Group with Fleet Electronic Warfare Support Group establishing the Fleet Tactical Readiness Group in 1991. In 1993, their name changed to Command and Control Warfare Group. Finally in October 1995, Command and Control Warfare Group merged with Electronic Warfare Operational Programming Facility to establish Fleet Information Warfare Center .

Naval Security Group Activity San Diego 's history began on May 20, 1920, when the Secretary of the Navy authorized a Navy Radio Compass Station to provide navigational aid at Imperial Beach . In 1932, the unit was renamed Navy Direction Finder Station, and in 1940, a permanent Direction Finding (DF) station was established on the Coronado Strand Military Reservation.

By 1953, the station known as Naval Radio Receiving Station Imperial Beach became the Naval Security Group Department of Naval Communication Station San Diego. In 1965, the Wullenweber Circular Display Antenna Array at Imperial Beach . Finally, in 1998, Naval Security Group Activity San Diego was commissioned.

In its brief history, Navy Information Operations Command San Diego has provided highly skilled Information Warfare augmentees to deploying naval units and Naval Special Warfare, maintained cryptologic equipment, developed Information Warfare doctrine and tactics, and pioneered defensive computer support throughout the Navy and Marine Corps. Our Sailors continue to supported Operation New Dawn and the ongoing Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).

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