Sponsorship Program

This program is responsible for facilitating the adaptation of Sailors and their families into new working and living environments before, during and after PCS, affording Sailors and their families the greatest opportunity for a successful and productive tour of duty. Responsibilities of the Command Sponsor Coordinator begins upon receipt of PCS orders and continue until the Sailor has become an integral part of the new command and is fully aware of all policies and services available through the command.
You should be receiving your "Welcome Aboard" letter and package through your chain of command. The letter will provide you with your sponsor's name, telephone number, and email address. If you are having problems contacting your sponsor, please telephone for general sponsor info at TNKR_NCTSCU_OKC_SPONSOR@navy.mil or:


LOCATION                     DSN            COMM

NCTSCU OKC                        339-3691    (405) 739-3961

NCTSCU Det Fairfield             837-2842    (707) 424-2842

NCTSCU Det Patuxent River   995-2271     (301) 995-2271