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Sponsor Coordinator Email: ncts.sponsor@me.navy.mil



     Congratulations on your orders to U.S. Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station (NAVCOMTELSTA) Bahrain, located onboard U.S. Naval Support Activity (NSA), Bahrain.  The navy selected you to join one of the finest Navy organizations
in the world and one whose critical mission continues to expand. We are an operational command providing secure and reliable
telecommunications to U.S. Naval, joint, and coalition forces in the Central Command (CENTCOM) Area Of Operation.
Our highly professional and dedicated team welcomes you.

     A sponsor will be assigned to you and will assist you in every way possible before and after your
arrival.  Address any questions you have to your sponsor at (Commercial) 011-973-1785-xxxx, (DSN) 318-439-xxxx or by e-mail at

Your mailing address is:
NCTS Bahrain
PSC 851 Box 680
FPO AE 09834-0007

     You can learn more about your new command by visiting our website at

     I highly recommend browsing the COMUSNAVCENT and NSA websites, http://www.cusnc.navy.mil and
https://www.cnic.navy.mil/bahrain/index.htm as they contain useful information for newcomers as well.

     COMUSNAVCENT requires all E-4 and below to live on-base (exceptions are made if the barracks are full). All personnel E5 and above receive temporary lodging allowance to stay in a hotel until economy housing is located. The maximum temporary lodging authorized is 45 days, starting the day you arrive. Living on the economy can be expensive. Local furnished apt/villas are available.  The Navy provides advance overseas housing allowance (OHA) and moving in housing allowance (MIHA) for the first two months after move-in date.  Talk to the personnel support detachment to determine your exact entitlement.

     The navy recommends and allows the shipping of one POV as availability of reliable, low-priced autos varies greatly.  Ensure your vehicle has no window tinting or body damage as this may prevent your vehicle from passing inspection and may restrict registration in the kingdom of Bahrain.

Required actions:
a. Obtain a no fee passport.
b. Receive specific financial counseling.
c. Contact your command security manager. All NCTS personnel are required to have a minimum of a secret clearance. 
Submit packages for clearances and periodic reviews prior to detaching from current command.  Personnel reporting without a clearance or who are due for a periodic re-investigation will not be given an access badge until this paper work has been completed. This item is a must and your orders could be modified if your clearance is in question.

     All personnel transferring overseas must complete an overseas screening.  You must ensure complete accuracy of official statements regarding overseas screening status.  Commanding officers are responsible for providing an update message to
COMNAVPERSCOM Millington TN and NAVCOMTELSTA Bahrain within 15 calendar days of receipt of orders.  This message should state that you are either found suitable, unsuitable or that more time is needed. If your command needs more time, a status message must be sent every thirty days thereafter or until a final determination is made.  If your command submitted your suitability message, report any change in the overseas screening status to NAVCOMTELSTA Bahrain.

     Members eligible for SRB reenlistment that require OBLISERV can reenlist CONUS and still receive SRB tax free provided reenlistment
and transfer occur in the same month.  Consult with command career counselor and review OPNAVINST 1160.1a, current SRB
NAVADMIN and DOD financial management regulation 7a chapter 44-16.

     Due to the extreme weather temperatures you will experience during your tour in Bahrain, it is imperative that you prepare
to participate in an aggressive command physical fitness program.

     Members with dependents may be eligible for an accompanied tour. Contact your detailer for more information. If you opt for an
accompanied tour and have children you are advised to visit
https://qol.navyaims.net/cypweb to register for childcare with NSA Bahrain child development center early as space is limited. If you decline the option to bring your dependents, you are entitled in
most cases to simultaneously draw basic allowance for housing (BAH) in CONUS and overseas housing allowance (OHA) in Bahrain. Please be aware that there are restrictions to drawing BAH for divorced males or fathers of children born out of wedlock
without a court order designating sole physical and legal custody of dependents. Contact your personnel office for further information before executing your orders. IAW OPNAVINST 7220.12, members electing an overseas unaccompanied tour must submit a request to navy personnel command, pers-451h for approval in order to receive BAH based on dependent location in CONUS. Approval must be provided to servicing PSD in order to start BAH entitlement.

     The command sponsor coordinator and the command master chief are always available to assist you. Please call or email us if you have any questions or are unable to reach your sponsor.  The phone number and e-mail address is (Commercial) 011-973-1785-3014, (DSN) 318-439-3014,
ncts.sponsor(at)me.navy.mil or for the CMC, ncts.cmc(at)me.navy.mil. Additionally, in order to better serve you, we request you provide the following information via email to the command sponsor coordinator:
a. Email address (military and commercial)
b. Mailing address
c. Telephone numbers (DSN and commercial)
d. Level of security clearance and date granted

     Once your final travel arrangements are made contact your sponsor to inform them of your arrival date.  The command will have a representative at the airport to greet you.

In the event of travel delays or flight changes please notify Command Duty Officer (CDO) at 011-973-3945-3947.

     You are required to report with a complete sea bag. DCU's are not authorized uniform of the day outside of Bahrain and 5th fleet AOR.  Region uniform of the day while TAD is mandatory.

     The key to a successful overseas tour is preparation, adaptability and a positive attitude.  I want to ensure you have all the information you require before embarking on what I know will be a challenging and rewarding assignment.  We maintain an outstanding reputation throughout the fleet and have for many years. This recognition is possible through unselfish contributions by dedicated sailors such as yourself.  I know that you bring with you unique talents which will make our team even stronger.

Welcome aboard.  We look forward to your arrival. 


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