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The following documents are required for your check-in with the Reserve Coordinator at Building 12:

  • Original AT/ADT/IDTT Orders (Order Modifications if applicable). The Reserve Coordinator will endorse orders during your check-in process.
  • SATO’s travel itinerary
  • First day lodging receipt or barracks statement with room rate listing your name, the dates of your reservation, lodging cost per day, and total estimated amount (including parking and taxes) for the period of report.
  • Certificate of Non Availability (CNA) – from Arizona Hall, Pearl Harbor, if applicable. -Rental car agreement with estimated charges. (AVIS rental car customers
  • Must request a written estimate of total rental charges).
  • Have in your possession an active Government Travel Card or personal credit card with an available credit limit of at least $2,500.00 for the billing cycle. -Bring medical records though not needed during check-in process.
  • Members must ensure their Page 2 is updated in their NSIPS/Electronic Service Record (ESR) before reporting to NCTAMS PAC.


  • Officers and CPOs: Service Khakis and Navy Working Uniform.
  • Enlisted: Service Uniform and Navy Working Uniforms. Name tapes are required on Navy Working Uniform trousers and shirts. You are representing your Reserve Center and the Naval Reserves; ensure your uniforms are “squared away.” -
  • ALL: Physical Training (PT) gear: NCTAMSPAC conducts command PT on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 0700. Bring appropriate Navy official PT Uniform – gold T-shirt, blue shorts, socks and sneakers – to PT throughout your AT period.

Billeting reservations are made through NAVPTO/SATO at COMNAVSURFRESFOR New Orleans. Once you receive your flight itinerary, confirm your billeting status by checking your itinerary form for the following codes:

  • CBQ: Pearl Harbor Naval Station if the member will stay in government quarters.
  • CNA: if there is Confirmed Non-Availability at the CBQ, the member may stay in a hotel in town. A “CNA” stamp on your orders means BEQ/CBQ rooms were not available during SATO’s initial reservation request. Call the local BEQ/CBQ and re-confirm CNA status prior to making any hotel reservations. If the BEQ re-confirms no rooms are available then make hotel reservations. Contact SATO for a list of hotels. Local hotels require a credit card to reserve rooms. The member is responsible for any expenses greater than the maximum allowed Per Diem. For the latest information on Per Diem Rates, visit Keep all receipts for reimbursement from PSD. Any effort to acquire a non-availability number once government lodging has been assigned will lead to IMMEDIATE cancellation of orders.

Government Travel Credit Card
For those issued a Government Travel Credit Card (GTCC), you will not receive advance Per Diem. Ensure your Reserve Center has activated your GTCC and re-confirm its activation prior to your departure to Hawaii. For those personnel using a personal credit card, please ensure enough funds are available to cover expenses during your stay. Advances must be obtained from RESCEN PSD.

Arrival Check In/Out

Car rental reservations must be made through SATO and be stated on your orders. Contact SATO for any rental car issues. Most reserve centers will limit rental cars to one car per two reservists. You must be 25 years of age and possess a current credit card to rent a car. Be prepared to show your orders and ID. Do not pay for additional insurance. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is covered by your orders. NOTE: You can obtain a 24 hour pass for your car at the NCTAMS PAC Pass & I.D Office at Saipan Gate. Your vehicle may be ticketed, towed or denied base access without these. Make sure you have ID/rental contract, driver’s license, and orders. Individuals may rent cars at personal expense.

Directions to NCTAMS PAC from Pearl Harbor: From Pearl Harbor, exit from Makalapa Gate, turn right onto Kamehameha (Kam) Hwy, stay on 92 East, turn left at first light (Valkenburg) and left at next light (Nimitz), then take H1 West. Take H1 West to H2 North, get off at Exit 8 - Wahiawa (approx 7 miles), and proceed through town staying in the left lane. You will go over a small narrow metal bridge to a traffic light. Turn right on Whitmore Avenue then make the next left onto Saipan Drive. Once through the gate, follow the road past the large communications building on the right, follow the road (curving around to the right), and park in the first available parking lot on the left-hand side. Bldg. 12 is located beside the Coast Guard facility.

On the first day of your AT/ADT/IDTT, report to NCTAMS PAC (Building 12) between 0800 for check-in. Attendance is mandatory to receive pay for that day.

Reserve Coordinator (N71) normal working hours are from 0800-1600 Monday through Friday. Your work schedule will adjust contingent to your division assignment. BASE MESSING FACILITIES NCTAMS PAC has a commercial dining cafeteria called "Grindz". The town of Wahiawa and the NEX Mini Mart offer other alternatives to messing.

Adherence to proper physical and information security procedures is essential at NCTAMS PAC. Lack of proper security clearance documentation precludes access to spaces and will force NCTAMS PAC to cancel orders. If you have already executed your training orders at NCTAMS PAC, you will be returned to your parent Reserve Center. Ensure NCTAMS PAC holds your clearance data BEFORE you leave home. YOUR RESERVE CENTER MUST SEND CLEARANCE INFORMATION AS SOON AS YOUR ORDERS ARE APPROVED.

Check out will commence on your last day of AT. Report to Building 12 at 1400 to complete check out process and receive your endorsed orders. Do not make plans to detach from NCTAMS PAC prior to 1600. Conflicts with this time should be brought to the attention of the Reserve Coordinator as soon as possible. AT/ADT/IDTT pay will be distributed via EFT. Uniform of the Day is required at check out. Security badges must be returned prior to check out.

For Emergencies contact the Quarterdeck: (808) 653-5385/5386.