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WAHIAWA (April 1, 2010) - With the announcement of the new Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist (EIDWS) insignia, Sailors around NCTAMS PAC have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to earn the new warfare designation and wear the insignia on their uniforms.


The only problem is that the EIDWS program is not yet finalized.  Fortunately for NCTAMS PAC, Command Master Chief Gordon Brightbill from Navy Cyber Forces visited Hawaii on 25 March, 2010 to certify NCTAMS PAC's ability to execute an EIDWS board.  In fact, this board was the first EIDWS board of its kind, and IT1 Patrick Istilart and IT1 Brandon Wheeler, were the first Sailors to face the board.


Though both Sailors passed, they did not earn their pin from this board because the Personnel Qualification Standard (PQS) book they tested under is still in the "beta" or testing phase.


"There are still criteria that need to be attained, programmatic wise, instruction wise, PQS wise, before the warfare designation can be awarded," said Brightbill.


Nonetheless, Istilart and Wheeler did not complain, as they are now well on their way to obtaining the coveted pin.


"Once the final PQS is approved, Istilart and Wheeler will have to certify in the new added areas before earning their pin" stated Command Master Chief James Mathews, NCTAMS PAC's Command Master Chief.


For the past months, NCTAMS PAC's Chiefs and other subject matter experts have been studying the various topics of the EIDWS beta PQS book and have been preparing to conduct the board.  Their hard work and preparation was rewarded as Master Chief Brightbill was pleased to certify NCTAMS PAC to conduct the EIDWS program.


Now we just have to wait for the final PQS book.  Yet, with this certification, NCTAMS PAC Sailors are one step closer to attaining the EIDWS Pin.


Story/Photo: NCTAMS PAC Public Affairs