nCTAMS LANT Mission and vision

Mission:  The mission of NCTAMS LANT is to provide secure and reliable, classified and unclassified, voice, messaging, video, and data, telecommunications to surface, subsurface, air and ground forces in support of Command, Control, Computer, Communications, and Intelligence (C4I) for real-world operations and exercises and to U.S. Naval, Joint and Coalition operating forces worldwide.

Vision:  The vision of the NCTAMS LANT claimancy for the 21st century is to be the primary manager of electronic information transfer for the warfighters of the sea services.  This corporate Network Management Plan takes this vision one step closer to reality by delineating in detail how this information can be transferred and managed quickly, accurately, and reliably.  This Corporate Network Management Plan will define a structure for network and systems management of Navy C4I and support systems.  It will be the responsibility of each Regional Commander to implement this plan most effectively for his/her Area of Responsibility (AOR).