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Naval Computer & Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic

Financial Management - Comptroller (N00FM)

Mission:  Manage the financial, and contractual, and supply programs at NCTAMS LANT and the Atlantic region, providing financial management services, including budget consolidation, formulation, review and execution, financial accounting, and statistical analysis; supply management support; and contract administration, life-cycle management, and procurement services.  Serve as the principal financial advisor to the CO.

Department Head  757-444-4696  DSN  564 
Deputy 757-445-9690  DSN  565 
Fiscal DIV-Regional  757-444-8041  DSN  564 
Procurement 757-445-9704  DSN  565 
Supply, Warehouse Operations and Personal Property  757-443-9371  DSN  646 
BCO Billing 757-445-7914  DSN  565