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Technician with PC and Keyboards

The DON Cyber/IT population is defined as those employees who carry out work on a daily basis that fall into one or more of the following areas:

  • Manage: Functions that concern overseeing a program or other aspects of a cyber, security, or technical program at a high level and ensuring its currency with changing risk and threat.
  • Design: Functions that concern scoping a Cyber/IT program or developing procedures and processes that guide work execution at the program and/or system level.
  • Implement: Functions that concern putting Cyber/IT programs, processes, or policy into action within an organization, either at the program or system level.
  • Evaluate: Functions that concern assessing the effectiveness of a cyber program, policy, or process in achieving its objectives.


All of you in the Cyber/IT community have worked hard to transform the way the Navy and Marine Corps design, operate, and defend the Global Information Grid (GIG) as we fight in cyberspace. I never forget we are the face of 33,000 employees working in a rapidly changing world to provide the high level of IT capability our operational mission demands. Our challenges are huge but we will meet those challenges.

As we endeavor to develop the best Cyber/IT workforce I am proud to be working not only with your commanders, but also with you, the Cyber/IT professional, provide direction that will enable you to define your individual career goals.

Terry Halvorsen
Cyber/IT Workforce Community Leader


What is a competency?

An observable, measurable pattern of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics an individual needs to successfully perform work roles or occupational functions. Competencies have been developed and validated for the following series:



DON Cyber/IT Virtual Community: Collaborative site for members of the DON Cyber/IT community. A common access card (CAC) is required to enter the site. Military and government civilians may self-register on DKO. Contractors must register for a sponsored account and have a military or government civilian sponsor them.

DON CIO: Site with an abundance of resources ranging from DON IT strategies, policies, and guidance, to the CIO blog and the DON IT wiki - the Pulse.

Marine Corps IT Management Community: Site provides information on job opportunities, professional development and training. It includes a community calendar, pages for the community leader and community manager, as well as a document and reference library. The site will serve as a focal point for communication and collaboration among the community members.

Professional Development

Naval Postgraduate(NPS) Certificate Programs: NPS has developed several distributed learning programs to provide more accessibility and flexibility for DON military and civilian personnel to increase their knowledge of information operations or issues of evolving computer-based military systems.

DISA Information Assurance Support Environment (IASE): Hosts numerous IA Education, Training and Awareness products.

Carnegie Mellon Virtual Training Environment: Site hosts IA training videos, and hands-on virtual IA training labs with instructor support.

Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL): Site provides background on IA commercial certification vouchers and funded exams.

MarineNet: Provides access to libraries and online courses. Allows you to complete required and annual training without stepping into a classroom.

Information Resources Management College (IRMC): The IRMC prepares leaders to direct the information component of national power by leveraging information and information technology for strategic advantage.

Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP): The IASP provides scholarships to DoD personnel.


Workforce Toolkit: The Workforce toolkit provides a single source for guidance and tools for the IT community.

Information Literacy Toolkit: The Toolkit focuses on understanding the virtual environment, and on building individual capabilities. It includes a self-assessment, tutorial, and many useful links.

Learning in a Virtual World Toolkit: The toolkit presents a wealth of information on the eLearning field.


Cyber/IT Civilian Careers: Site provides description of Cyber/IT jobs, locations of Cyber/IT billets, scholarship opportunities, student programs, and a link to the Department’s hiring and recruitment tool.

Information Assurance/Cybersecurity Workforce

Navy IA Workforce: Information on the Navy IA Workforce Improvement Program.

Marine Corps IA Workforce: Information on the Marine Corps IA Workforce Improvement Program.

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