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The Continuous Process Improvement Office (CPI) at OCHR provides centralized process & performance improvement services to the Department of the Navy’s Human Resources community. This centralized approach aligns CPI efforts across the OCHR HQs/HRSCs. The OCHR CPI approach will keep four broad goals in mind during deployment and execution: 1) speed of decisions, transactions and paperwork; 2) increase in quality of work life; 3) consistency through adherence of standard operating procedures and common business processes; 4) and customer focus.


The OCHR Corporation is transforming to become more efficient and effective. Using various methodologies we will have a disciplined, structured and proven approach to continuous process improvement. For example, Lean Six Sigma (LSS) will ensure a systems-thinking view of process improvement, allowing a focus on true transformation of a value stream; not on optimizing one part of it by constraining or weakening another part (gaining no real efficiency or improvement in our customers' eyes at the end of the day). In fact, LSS will be an integral piece of the OCHR Corporation’s overall continuous process/performance improvement initiatives - done properly, CPI does not take one pass at improving or solving a problem and declare it "fixed". CPI events will include returning and validating that improvements have been sustained, while looking to identify new improvements.

The OCHR Corporation is not content with the “status quo”; CPI fosters a culture that values risk and fosters collaboration, while we educate each other through our shared accomplishments. CPI provides the opportunity for every employee at any level in the OCHR Corporation to be a part of the process and performance improvement efforts.


By applying CPI techniques and tools, HR professionals gain additional resources to focus on providing key products and services to our customers. Some examples of CPI in the HR community:

  • 73% reduction in handoffs in the new Recruitment Common Business Process (CBP)
  • 50% reduction in time to schedule pre-employment physicals
  • 44% reduction in touch time in the streamlined announcement process
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