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Creditable civilian service is not limited to service covered by retirement deductions. It can also include service for which your pay was not subject to retirement deductions. In some cases, you must make a deposit equal to the amount of the retirement deductions (plus interest) to have this service count in the computation of your retirement benefit.

Deposit for Civilian Service Performed Before January 1, 1989

  • You must make a deposit to count this service toward your years of service for retirement eligibility.
  • You must make a deposit to include this service in the computation of your annual retirement annuity.

Deposit for Civilian Service Performed After December 31, 1988

  • This service is not creditable service for retirement eligibility.
  • This service is not creditable service for computation of your annual retirement annuity.
  1. Complete and sign page 1, part A of the SF 3108, Application to Make Service Credit Payment (FERS).
  2. Mail the SF 3108 to the Civilian Benefits Center (CBC).
  3. The CBC will complete page 2 (part B) and forward the application to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).
  4. OPM will review your application and send you a statement of the amount of deposit (including accrued interest) you owe. If you have submitted an application but have not received a statement from OPM, you can call OPM at 888-767-6738 to learn the status.
  5. Once you receive the statement from OPM, you may pay the amount in full or make installment payments of at least $50. You can mail your payments directly to OPM as instructed on the statement or make electronic payments using Pay.gov. Interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance until it is paid in full.
  6. Once the deposit is paid in full, keep the OPM statement that shows your payment. You should submit a copy of this receipt with your retirement application.
  7. Contact the Benefits Line if you have questions about the process for making a deposit or how deposit service may impact your retirement annuity.
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