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DON Record Groups

The Department of the Navy has more Record Groups (RG) than any other executive agency. In total, the DON currently has 18 Record Groups. Each of these Record Groups is responsible for types of records that pertain to their Record Group.

What is a Record Group (RG)?

A record group is a group that is named and created by NARA to encompass the records of a large organization or agency. Since the Department of the Navy (DON) is such a large agency, it has been divided into 18 record groups (listed on the right). NARA has divided DON into 18 RGs to ensure that they encompass all the DON's records.


DNS-5: DNS-5 has a particularly large role in DON Records Management. Specifically the Director of Records and his Deputy serve as the official(s) responsible for overseeing the Department of Navy's Records Management Program. They create and maintain a working cooperative network of Records Managers while serving as the primary agency official who coordinates RM business with NARA and other agencies. Develops records schedules which are all approved by NARA. Ensures record keeping requirements are established, implemented, and maintained. Lastly, they ensure to remain compliant via cooperation with various program officials such as FOIA/Privacy Act and General Counsel.

Record Group Owner: The Record Group Owner works closely with the RGMs and DNS-5 to ensure all records owned by their agency are properly managed. They ensure that the records are described correctly on the file plan and records schedule. The Record Group Owner oversees that all the agency's records are retired to the Federal Records Centers and/or NARA on schedule, that they are disposed of on schedule, ensures that all departing employees properly handle records they have worked with (i.e. do not destroy them or remove them from their government location). Lastly, Record Group Owners must work with both the Record Group Managers and DNS-5 to conduct periodic evaluations of the office's records.

Dataset Records Manager: The DRM has a lot of the same responsibilities as a Record Group Manager except their responsibilities apply to Electronic Records versus paper records. This is important to note as electronic records have different methods of destruction and storage. They ensure that their records are managed properly and in compliance with DON policy. 

Records Group Managers: Record Group Managers are in charge of a particular Record Group. These RGMs coordinate and execute records management matters for their particular agency and in accordance with NARA. RGMs ensure that their RG is listed correctly in any publication and that all retention schedules that apply to their RG are documented and executed correctly. RGMs coordinate with DNS-5 to ensure that the appropriate subordinate officials are appointed and aware of their job descriptions. They oversee all administrative activities for their RG to ensure that business activities are properly documented. Lastly, RGMs ensure that their RG's records are transferred as authorized. 

Other Records Managers: Other Records Managers are Echelon III command and below which tend to be collateral/Full-Time positions. Their function in Records Management is to complete transfers of records. Often times these individuals will complete a records inventory to determine the records that a Record Group owns and what action(s) need to be taken on those accessions. They also advise leadership on the status and next-actions of their Record Group(s). They work with Record Group Managers to ensure that the RG they work with is managing its records correctly and properly.