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Joint Integration of Maritime Domain Awareness (JIMDA)
Information sheet on efforts by NORAD/USNORTHCOM's efforts with JIMDA and why the Office of the DoD EA for MDA endorses this push.
DC Fact Sheetv5_10Dec2009.pdf
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DoD EA for MDA Data Call
In order to determine the scope of DoD's MDA effort, a compilation of existing MDA-related programs is required, as well as a catalog of the MDA-related products produced. This data call is intended to establish a new baseline of programs, and additionally collect associated products, information sharing details, and related programmatic and budget information.
MSSIS Facts 10Nov2009vr2 _3_.pdf
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Maritime Safety and Security Information System (MSSIS)
One page summary on MSSIS and the position the Office of the DoD EA for MDA stands in relation to sharing information with other partners and agencies.
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Annual MDA Plans Fact Sheet
Annual MDA plans (AMPs) provide an overall summary of, and insight into, DoD Component initiatives, objectives, priorities, capabilities, resources, needs and requirements.
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EA for MDA Tri-Fold
EA for MDA Tri-Fold
IASA Facts 15AUG2010(1).pdf
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Interagency Solutions Analysis (IASA)
The purpose of the Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) Interagency Solutions Analysis (IASA) is to provide an approach to conducting analysis that will recommend solutions to critical MDA tasks and capability gaps.
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MDA Enterprise Hub Vessel Information Hub (VIH)
The Enterprise Hub for Vessels (Vessel Information Hub) serves as the primary community advocate for developing systems which narrow or eliminate requirements MDA capability gaps. The Vessel Information Hub (VIH) works to identify the following: (1) Vessel-related data sources from the Global Maritime COI; (2) Interagency information sharing processes that work or don't work; (3) Recommendations to resolve processes that do not work and (4) Working closely with Architecture Management Hub (AMH), the VIH continues to recommend improvements for information exchange processes.
MIEM-NIEM Fact Sheet vr4 _2_.pdf
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The Maritime Information Exchange Model (MIEM) was created as part of the Comprehensive Maritime Awareness Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (CMA JCTD) sponsored by the US Navy and the Department of Defense. Under this agreement, the Office of the DoD EA for MDA worked with the NIEM Program Office to transition the Maritime Information Exchange Model (MIEM) into maritime component of the National Information Exchange model.

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