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The MDA Executive Agent coordinates DoD MDA and MDA-related plans, programs, capabilities, and policies to synchronize MDA efforts across DoD.

The desired state is an environment where DoD, together with its national and global partners, can achieve cost-effective MDA to safeguard common maritime interests. A critical need exists for actionable information to be shared across the GMCoI. MDA serves as the mechanism to identify potential and actual threats in the maritime domain and; integration with awareness of the other operational domains, provides decision makers with near real-time, all-domain awareness.

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Q: What is Maritime Domain Awareness?
A: Maritime Domain Awareness is the effective understanding of anything associated with the maritime domain that could impact the security, economy, or environment of the United States.

Q: What does MDA do?
A: Maritime Domain Awareness:

  • Informs decision makers in near real time to enable them to take action to support all of the nation’s maritime safety, security and stewardship interests,
  • Allows decision makers to detect, deter, and defeat threats as early and distant from US interests as possible, and
  • Enhances situational awareness across the maritime domain.

Q: Who “owns” MDA?
A: MDA is not a capability or specific system, but a state of understanding achieved by leveraging and integrating a wide range of domestic and international capabilities. This understanding facilitates the decision making process and enables operational response. As such, it is not “owned” by anyone.

Q: How does MDA aid in countering threats from the maritime domain?
A: By collecting, fusing, analyzing, and disseminating maritime related data, achieving MDA will:

  • Enhance transparency in the maritime domain to detect, deter, and defeat threats as early and distant from US interests as possible.

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