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As CSL is located in an extremely remote location, government quarters are not available. Upon your arrival, your accomodations will be with one of the hotels located in Colonia San Benito, a vibrant and affluent section of San Salvador.

With this in mind, members should allocate $150 per day for your lodging while you are seeking permanent berthing in an apartment. This expense will be reimbursed by filing a Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) claim every ten days with the Administrative Office. For answers to questions regarding TLA benefits, please refer to the following URL:

Or contact Ms. Nubia Flores at +503-2333-1700 (El Salvador number).

All active duty personnel and Reservists on ADSW or exceptional ADT orders stationed at CSL will reside in the city of San Salvador, approximately 45 Kilometers (30 miles) north of CSL. Most apartments can be rented fully furnished to include a TV, VCR/DVD player, and cooking utensils. Members should expect to pay the first month’s rent and security deposit (approximately $3,600) prior to moving in. This may require budgeting due to the overseas housing and pay process. Information on Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) and Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) may be found at

In order to get an idea of what type of accomodations are available in the area, you may go to the following website: Once there, successively select the following filter options. San Salvador/Alquiler/Apartamentos/$900+/San Benito. This will allow you to begin considering and planning for your living arrangements before you arrive, giving you a head start on the process. Current members of the command will be able to offer advice once you are on the ground.