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Local Economy & Shopping


 Local Economy & Shopping













Almost everything in modern life is available here, from cable TV to the latest fads and fashions.  Shopping for what you might need is not a problem; however you will discover some things are more expensive than the equivalent item back home and some less expensive.  Local grocery and department stores carry a wide assortment of brands and products you know and trust, and pharmacies are well stocked.

The area where most Americans live (the western side of San Salvador), called Cumbres de Cuscatlán, Colonia Escalon, Colonia San Benito, and Zona Rosa) have several shopping malls with many of the consumer goods you would expect from upscale retailers, and some you might not.

The cinemas and theaters here have new releases that are comparable to the United States, many of which are in English, though some have subtitles and are dubbed over.  All are clean and offer the usual refreshments.

Additionally, there are many well-known American restaurants, including:  Burger King, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Chili's, Starbucks, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, just to name a few.  Plus, there are excellent local options for you to try, including:  Hacienda Real, Paradise Restaurant, Gourmet Burger Company, Krisppy’s pizzeria, and many more.  Of course, a highly recommended dish is the El Salvadoran specialty, the pupusa, and is not to be missed!

There are multiple telecommunication service providers and cellular carriers that provide online and cell phone access to enable you to stay in touch back home and access the internet.

Talk with your Sponsor about good recommendations for long-distance phone service, secure internet access, and online shopping options prior to commencing your travel to El Salvador.