Administrative Assistant 

Chief Petty Officer Edmundo Valdez Cerna, Peruvian Navy


The CPO Edmundo VALDEZ Cerna, was born in Chimbote, Peru on 1976. He finished his technical studies on the High Education Naval Technology Institute- " CITEN " on December 1996 and graduated as a Petty officer third class.

He served in Navy ships such as  BAP "Almirante Grau" and  BAP "Aguirre ".

Also he has served at the Naval Warfare Center Command, the Telematics Direction as an IANTN detachment operator and at the Special Operations Command.

During his career, he has studied the following courses: Surface Warfare and Naval Telecommunications.

In March 2014 he assumed as Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Inter-American Naval Telecommunications Network, based in Mayport - Jacksonville - Florida.


IANTN Administrative Assistant Chief Petty Officer Edmundo Valdez Cerna, Peruvian Navy.