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Ref:  MILPERSMAN 1300-1000

Spouse co-location assignments are fully supported by the Chief of Naval Personnel and when requested become the highest priority and main duty preference consistent with the needs of the Navy.  While not always possible, every reasonable effort will be made to for military couples and family members to move & serve together.  Co-lo assignments are not guaranteed.

The service member requesting transfer to join with his/her spouse or family member must have a minimum of one year on board his/her present command at the time of transfer.

Military couples may not be permanently assigned to the same ship or the same shipboard deployable command.  For shore assignments, the couple will not assigned to the same reporting senior without the gaining CO’s approval.  Unusual circumstances may require a couple being temporarily assigned to the same afloat activity, which is allowable at the CO’s discretion.

Send your request and a copy of your spouse’s request to your detailer.

Requests for co-lo assignment may be submitted at any time.