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Ref: Joint Federal Travel Regulation, Volume 1, Chapter 10

OHA is authorized to assist a member in defraying the excess housing costs incurred incident to assignment to a permanent duty station outside the United States.  All members authorized to live in privately leased/owned quarters are entitled to OHA, provided an Individual Overseas Housing Allowance Report (DD Form 2367) is completed and approved.

OHA entitlements stop on the day before the member departs in compliance with permanent change of station (PCS) orders, homeport change effective day (from OCONUS) of the ship or unit to which a member is assigned, or the day the last dependent departs within the 60-day period after the effective day of PCS orders or of the homeport change, as applicable. Secretarial extensions can be granted when the delay of of dependents(s) departure is necessary for reasons beyond the member or dependents(s) control.  If requirments are met as outlined in reference (a), a secretarial extension may be authorized beyond the 60-day period.  Commands are to submit requests to PERS-451H.