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Flag Level Reviews

Ref:  MILPERSMAN 1300-010

Officers in command may request a Flag Level review of a member’s assignment when normal avenues of appeal have been exhausted.  A request for a Flag Level Review may be made only by officers in command and only after prior attempts to reach a solution by consulting with the appropriate assignment branch head and division director have been exhausted. 

If resolution cannot be achieved at the division director level, a request for a Flag Level Review may be submitted in either message or letter format to Navy Personnel Command, Pers-4, with information copies to the chain of command.  The minimum information required from the commanding officer requesting the Flag Level review is:

  • The member’s name.
  • Social security number.
  • Specific reasons the commanding officer believes the member was unfairly treated.
  • The results of the command’s discussions with the appropriate assignment branch head and division director.
  • Any additional information considered pertinent.

Commands will be informed if the Flag Level Review request does not contain all of the necessary information.  The request will be held in abeyance until the command submits the required correspondence.  Flag Level Reviews will be conducted only when the command supports the individual’s case.

If a Flag Level review is conducted, the appropriate assignment/placement division will provide detailed input, which will include a chronological chain of events with supporting documentation, via the appropriate division director to Pers-451.