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Access to CORMIS is only available via BUPERS Online.


Commercial: (901) 874-4907
DSN: 882-4907
Email: CORMIS Help Desk

Program Manager - (901) 874-4456
Reporting Systems Manager - (901) 874-4436

To submit a trouble ticket:

Log in CORMIS, go to HELP in the upper right area of your screen.

Click once to open the drop down list. Select "Submit a trouble-ticket".

Fill in the requested information and, be sure to include a screen capture of the error message!

To do this: press "Ctrl" and "PrtScn", then open your word processor and press "Ctrl" and "V" together.

In the screen name box, write the name of the the screen tab you were working on that caused the error/problem. (i.e. Admin/Personal, ID/Marks, etc...)

Save the document where you can find it (desktop), and give it a name you will recognize. In the description box tell us what you were attempting to do and what happened.

Next attach that document you just saved. The more complete the information you give on an error report, the quicker we can get it fixed.

You will receive a confirmation message with the ticket number and when the error is fixed you will receive another message asking you to test the area and give permission to close the ticket.

Tickets left open, pending closure, longer than 30 days without response will be closed. We prefer to have your permission so we know we did what you needed.