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Department of Defense Policy

DoD Directive 6495.01 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program (1/23/2012) (Ch-1 4/30/13)

DoD Instruction 5505.19 Establishment of Special Victim Capability (SVC) Within the Military Criminal Investigative Organizations (MCIOs) (3Feb15)

DoD Instruction 6400.06 Domestic Abuse Involving DoD Military and Certain Affiliated Personnel (8/21/2007; Ch-1 9/20/2011)

DoD Instruction 6495.02 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program Procedures (3/28/2013) [DODI 6495.02 Info Paper]


Under Secretary of Defense (USD)  Directive-type Memorandums (DTM)

DTM-14-007 Sexual Assault Incident Response Oversight (SAIRO) Report (30Sep14, Ch 1 7Oct14)

DTM-14-001  Defense Sexual Assault Advocate Certification (D-SAACP) Program (14Jan14)

DTM-14-002  Establishment of Special Victim Capability (SVC) Within the Military Criminal Investigative Organizations (MCIOs) (11Feb14) CANX/Replaced by DoDI 5505.19 of 3 Feb 15

DTM-14-003 DoD Implementation of Special Victim Capability (SVC) Prosecution and Legal Support (12Feb14)


Secretary of the Navy Policy (SECNAV)

SECNAVINST 1730.9 Confidential Communications to Chaplains (2/7/2008)

SECNAVINST 1752.4B  Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (8/8/2013)

SECNAVINST 1920.6C Administrative Separation of Officers (12/15/2005;Ch-4 9/20/2011)

SECNAVINST 5300.26D DON Policy on Sexual Harassment (1/3/2006)

SECNAVINST 5420.193 Board for Correction of Naval Records (11/19/1997)

SECNAVINST 5430.107 Mission and Functions of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) (11/28/2005)

SECNAVINST 5430.108 DON Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (6/10/2010)

SECNAVINST 5800.11B Victim and Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) (1/5/2006)

SECNAV Manual M-5210.1 DON Records Management Manual (Jan 2012; Rev May 2012)

SECNAV Manual M-5214.1 DON Information Requirements (Reports) Manual (Dec 2005)


Chief of Naval Operations Policy (OPNAV)

OPNAVINST 1500.22F General Military Training and Navy Military Training (12/29/2006)

OPNAVINST 1500.80 Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD)(6/18/2010)

OPNAVINST 1752.1B Sexual Assault Victim Intervention Program (12/29/2006) 

OPNAVINST 1752.2B Family Advocacy Program (4/25/2008)                                

OPNAVINST 1752.3 Policy for Sex Offender Tracking, Assignment and Access Restrictions within the Navy (5/27/2009)

OPNAVINST 5350.4D Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control (6/4/2009)

OPNAVINST 5354.1F Navy Equal Opportunity Program (7/25/2007; Ch-1 9/20/2011)

OPNAVINST 5800.7A Victim and Witness Assistance Program (3/4/2008)


Other Related Policy

DoD Revised Security Question Interim Policy

BUMEDINST 6310.11 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program




065/14 Naval Justice Information System

061/14 Not Available - Personal for Message

052/14 FY14 NDAA Elevated Review of Disposition Decisions 

051/14 FY14 NDAA Convening Authority Dispo Considerations and Post-Trial Actions

050/14 FY14 NDAA Courts-Martial Jurisdictional Limits and Minimum Sentences

049/14 FY14 NDAA Crime Victim Rights

030/14 Retaliation Against Members Reporting a Criminal Offense

021/14 Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April 14)



O25/15 Updated Guidance for the Inclusion and Command Review of Information on Sex-Related Offenses in Personnel Service Records

189/14 Inclusion and Command Review of Information on Sex-Related Offenses in Personnel Service Records

095/14 Implementation of the DoD Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program

087/14 Establishment of Navy's Victim Legal Counsel (VLC) Program

066/14 Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April 14)

053/14 Implementation for DRC Program for CVN, LHD, and LHA Commands

218/13 Guidance for Same-Sex Spouses

181/13 Implementation of Navy SAPR Program Initiatives

158/13 Guidance for SAPR Stand-Down

156/13 SAPR Stand-Down

 075/13 Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April 13)

067/13 FY-13 SAPR General Military Training Completion

054/13 DOD Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program

030/13 SAPR-F Training Completion

336/12 Guidance for SAPR-F Training

272/12 OPNAVINST 3100.6J Urgent Changes (First Flag Officer Reporting Requirement)

225/12 SAPR-L/F Training Reporting Requirement

199/12 Guidance for SAPR Leadership and Fleet (SAPR-L/F) Training

195/12 Implementation of Sexual Assault Initial Disposition Authority (CANCELLED - Incorporated into DODI 6495.02) 

136/12 Reporting Requirements for Sexual Assault (CANCELLED -Incorporated into DODI 6495.02) 

132/12 Expedited Transfer Procedures for Service Members Who File Unrestricted Reports of Sexual Assault (CANCELLED - Incorporated into DODI 6495.02) 


SAPR Forms

DD Form 2910  Victim Reporting Preference Statement (Revised June 2014)

NAVPERS 1070/887 Sex Offense Accountability Record (08-2014)

NAVPERS 1752/1 Sexual Assault Disposition Report (SADR) (Revised August 2014)

NAVPERS 1752/1 Sexual Assault Incident Data Collection Report (Rev. 10-2011) (CANCELLED - Replaced by SADR Rev. 8-2014 on 11 Aug 14)