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Family Care Plan


Servicemembers are responsible to ensure family members/dependents are cared for during deployments, reserve mobilizations, and temporary duty, as well as at all other times during which the servicmember is unavailable.  Formal documentation of a Family Care Plan is required under any of the following conditions:

     - A servicemember with primary or shared physical custody of a minor child or children who is not married to the other natural or adoptive parent of the minor child or children.

     - Both members of a married dual military couple where one or both have primary or shared physical custody of a minor child or children.

     - Servicemembers who are legally responsible for an adult family member who is incapable of providing for themselves in the absence of the servicemember. 

You can now update your Family Care Plan via Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) or Electronic Service Record (ESR):

Instructions to Update Family Care Plan in NSIPS and ESR Shore_12SEP14

Instructions for Afloat Units to Update Family Care Plan in NSIPS and ESR_12SEP14
Policy and procedures changes to U.S. Navy Family Care Policy (NAVADMIN 281/14)


Family Care Plan  .PDF 
DODINST 1342.19
U.S. Navy Family Care Policy  .PDF 
DON Family Care Plan Certificate 
NAVPERS 1740/6
Family Care Plan Arrangements 
NAVPERS 1740/7